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We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but we are not an ordinary hotel.

Having bought the 1937 guesthouse building in 2012 and renovating it gradually, we're not about modern facilities, we're about experiencing the place to the fullest: unique ambiance, outdoor activities and attractions, food, talks. Good view, good meal, good friends.

Far from mass-tourism, yet effective in providing experiences. Focus from "to have" is brought back to "to be". We wanna ensure that - even though we couldn't be further from a convenient-commercial-amenities hotel - the time you spend with us is the best part of your journey. We want our environment to break down barriers and make it easier to have real conversations. We want you to leave more empowered. So welcome, leave your luggage and go for the exploring, have an amazing local produce & global ideas dining experience and finally just relax (or work) in our well designed, cozy space. Actually, you don't have to do any of those. You can take a selfie and immerse yourself in a book on the porch of the hotel all day and that will be perfectly fine, too. We promise we are not very pretentious.


Activities and attractions

Arms of the glacier visible from the hotel a.jpg

see the glacier

  • From our hotel

  • From a kayak or boat

  • From standing close thanks to a 10-minute drive by car or bus


Cross the glacier (Jostedalsbreen national park)

  • Flatbreen from Flatbrehytta hike from Supphelle valley (10 min drive, 2 hr hike, 2 hr glacier walk +back)

  • Haugabreen (45 min drive, 1 hr hike, 2 hr glacier walk +back)

  • Nigardsbreen (1,5 hr drive, 30 min hike, 2 hr glacier walk +back)

    And more

View on Fjærland from Middagshaugen a.JPG

hike the many mountains & valleys

  • A 0,5-hour light Geitskjelflaten hill tour up to 100 meters

  • A 2-hour family walk to Mundal valley up to 100-300 meters

  • A 2-hour medium difficulty Nesehaugen hike up to 665 meters

  • A 3-hour steeper Flatbrehytta climb up to 1000 meters

    And many others…!


stroll through the idyllic village

Walk in either direction along the fjord and see the 1861 Fjærland church (3 min), the 1891 Mundal hotel (1 min), shop in the local store (2 min), visit the international Book Town (1-10 min), the Babbis Café (2 min), the Bøyaøyri nature reserve (25 min), the famous Glacier Museum (40 min), and so on.

IMG_1292 (2).JPG

Cycle in town & in nature

Ask for a regular or electric bike at the hotel or at the Tourist Information and embark on an easy or challenging trip.


Kayak in the fjord

Rent a kayak at the hotel and paddle right to see the two arms of the glacier or left to get closer to the delta. If you’re lucky, you will meet the local eagle, otters, black dolphins (porpoises), and even a seal (late summer) or killer whales (early spring). Guided tours available.


Hire a row boat or a motor boat

A traditional wooden row boat / A small motor boat 5 hp / A big motor boat 150 hp

A range of different boating activities:

  • Soak up the views and relax

  • Look for the fauna (see kayak in the fjord above)

  • Go on a personal fishing trip

  • Take a guided tour of the isolated and historic farming villages along the fjord


Take the fjord & glacier cruise between Fjærland and Balestrand

The passenger boat sails between Balestrand and Fjærland in June, July, August, until mid-September and the trip takes about 1,5 hr one way.


Try fishing or collecting MUSSELS

The combination of salty ocean and sweet glacier waters results in an abundance of aqua fauna. Like our chefs, you can catch fish, octopus, mussels, langoustines, crabs, and so on. …Or leave them in peace and soak up the views and tranquility :-)

To see what they caught so far, click here.

IMG_4049 (3).JPG

Take an ocean+glacier water swim

Use this rare occasion to dip in a mixture of ocean and glacier waters and dare to put your body through this invigorating shock. We sometimes do.

IMG_4044 (3).JPG

Warm yourself in a home sauna

…Which may be a great idea after the swimming (to the left), or just because. Have a mini-experience of the Scandinavian sauna culture on your own skin (and lungs).

The hotel and its neighborhood with farms right outside.JPG

Go for a helicopter ride

Get even more amazed by the astounding beauty of the place thanks to seeing it from a bird’s point of view.


Visit the Glacier Museum

The Norwegian Glacier Museum and Climate Center is known to be highly educating & entertaining. Anyone - kids and adults, geeks and regulars - can easily spend there ten minutes, three hours, or a whole day.


Sift through the book town

An international bibliophile idea. Check the concept out and possibly find your hidden pearl among second-hand books stored in cute little places like shelves, abandoned buildings, et cetera. Makes a great gift. Every summer a festival called "Book night" takes place here.


Experience the Bøyaøyri nature reserve

The Bøyaøyri delta is an extremely important ecosystem, where there up to 100 different species of birds has been observed.


Go skiing (in winter/early spring)

Enjoy a good snow sport and breathtaking white scenery.

  • Cross-country

  • Backcountry (off piste)

  • Slopes of the local ski resorts


Have a daytrip from Fjærland

  • Balestrand - another lovely village with its renown Ciderhuset, Sognefjord Aquarium and historic Kvikne’s Hotel (1,5 hr by boat)

  • Astruptunet Museum - former home and studio of a painter Nicolai Astrup (50 min by car)

  • Urnes Stavkirke - the oldest of the stave churches, part of the UNESCO World Heritage (1,5 hr by car and boat)

  • Kaupanger Stavkirke - the largest stave church in Sogn og Fjordane county (45 min by car)

  • Lustrabadet - swimming pool with family fun, spa and wellness (1 hr by car)

    …And more!


Relax / work / party

Have a meal, have a drink, have a talk. Enjoy our unique ambiance. Immerse yourself in work, in a book, or just stare at the overwhelmingly beautiful surroundings. Give some love to other humans. Take a selfie, take a nap. Again, we promise we are not very pretentious.


Set on the spectacular Sognefjord, Fjærland is both beautiful and lively with plenty of things to do.

Please speak to us upon arrival if you are interested in any of these activities, and we will happily hand you the information or organize it for you.


Plassert rett ved den spektakulære Sognefjorden, er Fjærland både vakker og livlig med full av ting å gjøre. Du kan spasere gjennom den idylliske landsbyen og bokbyen, bestige de mange fjellene, besøke Bremuseet, se Fjærland kirka fra 1861 og Mundal hotellet fra 1891, ta zip-line eller krysse breen, for å nevne noe. 

Fjærland Fjordstue Hotell tilbyr også en rekke ulike båt-aktiviteter. Du kan leie robåt, dra på fisketur, ta en guidet båttur og se de isolerte og historiske jordbruksgårdene langs fjorden, eller leie kajakk. Snakk gjerne med oss ved ankomst dersom du er interessert i noen av disse aktivitetene, og vi vil gledelige organisere det for deg.