To make an enquiry, reservation in the restaurant or to ask any questions please call Bård Huseby, the owner, on +47 41000200 or email We are more than happy to help. 

To make a hotel booking, please do so directly through the bookings page. 

How to get here:

Public transportation:

Traffic planning public transport:   Traffic planning public transport (bus, fast boat and ferry).  The website will only show options 4 months ahead.

From June 1st until September 15th you can take a passenger boat that goes from Bergen to Fjærland. If you plan to do so - make sure you take the first boat from Bergen 08:00 ( Bergen-Balestrand) then change boat in Balestrand.  You can order tickets here (Balestrand-Fjærland).

Travelling times to Fjærland from:

Geiranger: 4 h (car - 178 km)

Nærøyfjord (Flåm): 2 h (car - 109 km)

Sogndal: ½ h (car - 33 km)

Sogndal Airport: 50 min. (car - 50 km)

Skei: 1/2 h (car - 30 km)

Førde or Sandane Airport: 1,5 h (car - 80 km)

Bergen: 4-5 h (car or bus)

Oslo: 6-8 h (bus or car via Lærdal)

When travelling in Norway we suggest you to take a look at some of our scenic routes (  The scenic routes to consider travelling to or from our hotel would be:

-        Aurlandsfjellet

-        Sognefjellet

-        Gaularfjellet

-        Geiranger – Trollstigen

-        Valdresflya

-        Hardanger